#FaceTheMirror is a campaign envisioned to shed light on the detrimental issues faced by women in India. They assume that they’re left without recourse after being subject to crime. This stems the urgent need for awareness about their legal rights. The campaign aims to spark conversations and drive actions that would enable women to realise their potential. We act as catalysts of change, connecting you to organisations that stand for women upliftment and empowerment.

Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty wants to improve the health and socioeconomic status across the nation. A large majority of the population still lacks development in the areas of, education, sanitation, health facilities, livelihood, etc., due to regressive social practices. Demography and geography divides the country into various sects governed by caste and status. When we break this disparity, there would be equal opportunities for all the stratus of the population.

Issued in Public Interest